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Our Mission

To provide you our customer with exceptional service, and the highest degree of quality. To form a business partnership that achieves our mutual goal.

Welcome to CIME Management!

The most professional and personal IME Company in the field of medical-expert witness consulting. We concentrate on workers' compensation cases and embrace your IME referrals with a thorough understanding of the meaning of a defense-oriented IME.


Why CIME Management for Independent Medical Examinations?


Our Independent Medical Exam reports are distinguished by the following:
  • IME reports are typed on the Physician's Letterhead
  • When requested, IME reports are addressed directly to your firm/company
  • IME reports contain a narrative history section as stated by the claimant
  • IME reports contain a detached file review of all pertinent medical and legal reports
  • IME reports contain a comprehensive objective exam upon which the physician's conclusions are based
  • The conclusion section answers the particular questions directed to the physician
  • IME reprots are signed by the physician
  • Fast turn around

Issues like treatment and causal relationships are not addressed unless requested. Positive findings of areas not mentioned in the cover letter to the Doctor are left out of IME reports unless they can be used to state causal relationship in the negative. Workers' Compensation issues are addressed under the Ohio Workers' Compensation Guidelines.

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April 1, 2012

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April 1, 2012

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